BACK IN 2009

I was 12 or 13 I guess, the teenage phase that somehow makes or breaks a person, at least I believe in this. The hormonal changes were making a remarkable change in my life and I could literally feel that. A girl so confident was now becoming shy and may be under confident is the correct word here. I was about to change my school and that made me a bit nervous, I was excited but I was scared at the same time. I didn’t know anyone, I was not used to that atmosphere, my teachers, and my classmates everyone and everything seemed different and somehow scary. I remember I was in my 7th grade when I first moved out of my comfort zone, my previous school where I studied for some good 9 years. It was different very different, I was not used to those faces, those tables and chairs, the building, the teachers, the uniform and almost everything. I remember my first day when I skipped my lunch because it felt extremely weird and lonely, I was starving but I couldn’t eat. Everybody used to stare at me when our class teacher used to do the attendance and stuff because only then I would utter a word and that was “present mam”. I remember how I used to act and call my father so that I could get out of that place because it felt lonely, very lonely. I couldn’t initiate a conversation and I still can’t do that. it took me some 3 to 4 months to adjust and get used to that atmosphere. Finally when I was a bit comfortable I started making friends yes “friends”, some of them were normal but the other ones they somehow ruined that happy teenage phase I could have. I cannot take her name but there was girl in my batch and she was extremely jealous of me I don’t know why but she was, she used to make some false issues so that no one can talk to me and so that everyone will hate me. I again started feeling lonely; I couldn’t find a way out of it. From a rank holder to an average student the journey was very difficult; I could see my parents losing hopes, those 4 years from my 7th grade to my 10th grade she made my life hell. people used to bully me, make fun of my frizzy hair, my body hair and what not… that time I couldn’t really fight with them for making fun of me because I was afraid of the consequences like what if I’ll have to survive alone and what if I’ll have no “friends”. I still remember everything so clearly that how difficult it was to survive back then in that school, that I used to weep at night so that my parents wouldn’t ask me a question.  This is not even 10% of what I’ve been through but today after 10 long years when I look back I realize that what an important role my “friends” (bullies) have played in my life, they are the only ones who made me what I am today. I am still shy, I still cannot initiate a conversation, I am still an average student but I have a good heart, I don’t judge people to feed my insecurities, I don’t hate people because they are leading a better life than I am, I don’t make fun of people just because they don’t fit in my definition of the word “perfect”. All of that made me better person for sure, I cried in the beginning but I am smiling right now and I am so so so proud of myself that even though I’ve been through some really hard times in my life but that never made me want to do the same with anyone else. It made me stronger but kind at the same time and I know how it feels to have no one but yourself and I believe that if I can do this you can too, you are your best friend… see I am here right in front of you smiling and having a happy life with some really less  but a bunch of real friends, people love me the way I am and even if they do not, I love myself because only I know who and what I am.

yours truly

Prasheeta – The brave-heart.


Imperfectly Perfect🌻

Hey my loves, I hope y’all are doing good and I hope you are judging less and loving more. Well, yes I know you all must be wondering that why I said this, so let me tell you how sad I am feeling while writing about this topic but with a feeling of hope that this will change someone’s mentality at least.

You know body shaming and things like this are now an integral part of our society, our thought process and what not? So many of us think that it makes us look cool but do you even realize that you can’t even sip a drink without judging someone, and by judging I mean being negative about something or someone. It’s okay to judge because that’s human nature but sadly we don’t realize that it’s not okay to make someone feel bad about the way they look, their body, their complexion and everything.

We all want to be loved without giving it back. I am not talking about women only, these days everything is same with the men too. We all have made a mindset that a woman has to look feminine and a man has to look masculine. Tell me how often do you compliment a person who is not so fair in color, not so rich, with really normal clothes, not even a perfect set of teeth, with tons and tons of acne marks on their face, men with no abs and all… do you do that? no right, that’s because all this looks gross to you. The reality might look horrible to you sometimes but if you accept it with all your heart it’s surely going to be most wonderful thing in the world for you. (read that again)

I have seen so many people telling their daughters and sisters that they should learn all the household work because they are made for this. Having a different mindset and rules for their daughter and their daughter in law and we think that it’s okay but trust me it’s not, you need to change that.

Coming up to social media where we spend almost 80% of our lives, where we scroll and judge. I am not saying that i haven’t done this but I’ve changed myself and trust me you should too, it feels great… you don’t always need to criticize someone for their looks and everything. Nobody on this planet is perfect, not even you, not even me no one. Don’t judge someone if they are using filters on their picture, it’s their choice. Use filters because you feel good not to show someone that you are perfect. We all want to be like the celebrities we see, as perfect as they look, their pictures without even realizing that they have tons of makeup, hair dressers, perfect lighting and what not, all of this makes them look perfect, they have a team and they work hard for this. Ask yourself that do you accept yourself just they way you are, no matter what your height is, how fair or dark you are, how fat or thin you are, your current situation and everything that comes within, ask yourself do you accept all of that because if you can accept yourselves just they way you are than even people do not accept you it will never bother you. To change someone you must change yourself first.

It’s not about just reading this blog, but I request y’all to please love yourselves as much as you can. Stop making someone feel bad about their appearance. Looks will fade away but the love will never. We spread so much negativity without even realizing that how bad the results can be.

See, how pretty these faces are with or without any make up or filters. Tell your friends how pretty they are, if they are fat motivate them to be healthy and not just that they should loose some weight to fit in some dress or to look good, make them feel good about their imperfect set of teeth, their short height, their complexion because they are born with it. Motivate them to be a better version of themselves because looks aren’t everything but your heart is.

It’s okay not to look perfect every time, celebrate your flaws because that’s what makes you different. Make your heart and soul good, love everyone, forgive and move on because life is too short to live with all of this crap. We all are blessed to have so much so just celebrate.

That’s all for today, I hope that you like it and it will help someone.

Feel good just the way you are, stop being too hard on yourself and make others do that too.

Till then don’t forget to click pictures and share them using the #imperctlyperfect. Also the same old like share and follow so that we can reach out to more people make someone’s life a happy place.


My signature look (indian)

Hey lovelies, I hope you all are doing super duper good. As I promised I am back with another Friday blog. So a few days back I did a poll on my Instagram asking what you guys would love to see basically it was for my signature look and more than 80% of y’all chose Indian. So here I am giving you all the details about the products that I use and how I create my signature look which is simple yet elegant ( at least according to me, lol).

So I have decided to show you two different looks, 1st one is the casual Indian look and the 2nd one is more dressy and something that I would definitely wear to someone’s wedding.

So starting with the casual look

First of all yellow is my go to, be it anything if it is yellow I have to have it no matter what. HAHA anyway jokes aside, I got this beautiful dress/anarkali or (whatever you call it) from myntra for some 650rs. I don’t exaxctly remember the price. But the moment I got this I was in love, it’s yellow colour, the material everything was just perfect. You can style this however you want to. Here in this picture, I kept it really casual with white shoes. You can also add a belt to give it some edge and a nice sling. You can easily carry this look for a lunch or to your college. I would definitely wear this soon, this is so me… easy, breezy and comfortable.

I don’t use any makeup on skin on the regular days just a lip tint and i fill my eyebrows.

The wedding look

  1. Skincare

So starting off with the first product that I use which is the Himalaya Purifying Neem Face Wash. I make sure that I remove all the dirt and oil from my skin and then to moisturize it I use the Lakme Peach Milk mosturizer with the SPF24 and trust me ever since I started using this my skin has been amazing and it definitely suits my skin type which is not too dry and not too oily. Then if it is a daytime function I make sure that I use the sunscreen and you should too, I use the Lakme Sun Expert with the SPF50 (270rs) if the sun is too harsh and on the gloomy days I use the Lotus Herbals sun block with the SPF20(190rs), this one feels much lighter on the skin, it’s non greasy, water and sweat proof. Then for my body I use the vaseline body lotion and the Nivea Creme(only in winters) if my skin feels really dry. I also use almond oil to add some glow to my skin whenever I do not want to use a highlighter.

2. Makeup

  1. Foundation

I am not a makeup person so I use this just to cover my under eye area and if I have some acne marks. I do not use concealer because I don’t feel the need to. This one is the Maybelline Fit me Foundation, I got this from nykaa and it’s in the shade 128 warm nude beige chaud.

2. Eyeliner

These days I avoid using the eyeliner because my right eye is infected but whenever I use it’s this one from elle18, I also have a pen eyeliner (that’s what you call it right?) but I don’t use it that much. This one is my go to.

3. Blush

I absolutely love the pinkish glow on my skin and even if it’s not a wedding or something I like to add some sort of color to my cheeks, it makes you look so fresh trust me. I use this one from Maybelline Colour Show Blush in the shade Fresh Coral and this one is also from nykaa. (some secret info) Okay so what I usually do is I use my lipstick as my blush, it feels more dewy and looks natural.


I love love love lipsticks and even if I don’t put anything on my face I make sure to use a nice bright lip shade, it instantly fixes everything. I will not give you a detailed version for this because you can find them anywhere. Putting up some pictures below so you can check out the shade numbers.

This is all I use on my lips, you can find the lakme ones on nykaa, the hydro one is from nepal I got it as a gift and the other three shades are from the local market in udaipur.

5. eyebrows

My eyebrows are pretty decent so I just like to fill them a bit and for this I use the lakme eyebrow pencil in brown shade.

I downloaded this picture from the internet because the one I use is literally in a very bad condition, hahaha hope you don’t mind.

6. Highlighter and nail paint

I got this one from nykaa and is my most favorite makeup product, you don’t have to use it too much just a little amount of it on the areas you want to highlight and you are good to go. I generally use it on my cheekbones and to highlight my nose.
I don’t generally use nail paints(love this low maintenance life) but if I use one I always like to go with the lighter shades and this one is perfect for me.


So here I have used the same anarkali/dress but to make it look more dressy I paired it up with a golden dupatta, some really pretty earrings and a set of golden bangles.

Do not forget to put a bindi and you are good to go. With this look I paired my kolhapuris because I can’t do in heels until and unless it’s too necessary. I kept my hair open in this look, you can do whatever suits you the most. The lipstick I used in this look is the lakme enrich matte in the shade R M17.

2nd look

So here the dress is same I just changed the dupatta to make it look more bright and changed the accessories too.

Some heavy jhumkas and bright lip colour is all I have used in this look. Don’t forget to notice my highlighter though. The lipshade in this look is the lakme enrich matte in the shade P M 15 and my bindi is constant. And for the hair I did a middle parting and made a low bun.

So guys, that’s all for my signature indian look. This is all I do and how I do it. I’ve put my heart into this one, I would love it if this helps you in anyway. let me know if you like it in the comment section below and don’t forget to like share and follow till then…


10 things to be happy about

hey chums! I hope you all are doing great and and and to grab some attention, here I am keeping my promise to be regular with my blogs.

Through out these days when I was not writing a blog I have been thinking what topic I should be writing about next, something you guys can relate with… you know what I mean.

Sometimes I overthink and I must say overthinking is not that bad… I mean see, I’ve come up with such an amazing idea. 10 things to be happy about because usually when we are sad we try to find or sometimes we pretend to find a reason to be happy about. So to help you out on your bad days here I am giving you legit 10 lovely things to be happy about.

These pictures look amazing right? So does our life. Yes I am talking about food. Have you ever thought about how lucky we are to have 24*7*365 access to food. We cry over things we can’t have but trust me people are dying to have and live a life like we do. We are really lucky that we don’t have to sleep with our stomachs empty and parents sacrificing their own meals to get one for us. Do not just read this but feel what I am trying to tell you, we are lucky really lucky so next time when you feel sad just order some pizza or make one at home and be grateful for that.


Friends are the family we choose for ourselves and we are really lucky to be able to do that. We tend to take our friends lightly, but trust me their presence in your life makes you who and what you are. Not every relationship you make works for you but it surely teaches you something and that’s something we should always feel happy about. So find your tribe and love them hard.


Who do you love the most in this world? your family right, your parents who brought you in this beautiful world and made you smile with every thing they could do. See again we are very lucky to have at least someone who would listen to us when everyone will get tired that could be your mom, your dad or may be your sibling. They are the ones who make you strong in a way so that you can take all the challenges the world will put in front of you because sometimes when we have each other we have everything. We may not have it all together but together we have it all. Family is something where life begins and love never ends, so love your family and live every moment with them because you are lucky to have your precious family to be happy about.

4.The beautiful sunrise and the sunset

The sunrise and sunset, of course doesn’t care if we watch it or not. It will keep on being beautiful even if no one bothers to look at it so make sure to count this blessing of yours. A sunrise can be a starting of your beautiful day and A sunset can be a beautiful ending to your bad day. There is so much we can be happy about, just look around for once and smile.

5. social media

These days we often focus on the bad side of the internet and the power of social media but how can we forget the million dollar blessing it has been to all of us. There were days when we had to wait for a month or two just to reach out to someone and talk to them, we couldn’t call, we couldn’t see each other but internet has made everything so easy that everything is just a click away. We can support each other on social media and we can share our true selves with the world. Social media and the internet has surely been a blessing to all of us that we are now able to share our lives with ones we love and with the ones who love us.

6. photography

A photograph is the pause button of life and we are lucky that to be able to live in an era where every picture we take speaks not really with the words but with the emotions we capture. We are lucky to be able to capture our lives, our smiles and a moment that will never come back.

7. Road trips

This word itself is an adventure and who doesn’t love road trips. I am sure all of us do because that’s something that thrills our mind and our soul. This world has so much to offer so the next the time you feel really bad about something, pack your bags and just leave because it’s not about arriving at your destination it’s all about the wild stuff that happens along the way.

8. chocolates, coffee and music

If you have these three things in your life trust me you have almost everything that can ever make you happy. Chocolates and coffee to make your day better and music to make it the best one. You are really lucky my friend, start being grateful.

9. Clothes

You are lucky if you have clothes to keep your body warm and put on something when it rains heavily, to keep your body safe from the scorching heat because not everybody has that. Don’t forget to smile and be happy.

10. Body

The biggest blessing that we often take lightly is our body. Our hands, our feet, our eyes and everything that comes within and allows us to feel and respond to everything that happens around. We usually complain about the way we look, our weight, our height and what not because we cannot accept ourselves just the way we are and that’s what we need to start feeling happy about. We are ENOUGH a thousand times enough so be happy with whatever you have because you are doing great, you look your best and your are the best.

I hope these 10 things will help you and you can feel happy having them. There are many more things we should feel happy about, let me know some from your side. Life is really short to be sad so just live every moment and make it your best one. Our happiness has no limit so do not set one and don’t let anyone ruin that. Be grateful for this and everything, this time and this moment even if you are sad just smile and let go, A life full of adventures is waiting right there for you and if you can’t find a reason to be happy about don’t forget you have these 10 at least.

Let me know if you like this and what you think about this, till then click pictures and be happy and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe and use the #gratefulforlife.



Hola everyone, hope y’all are doing great. it has been 7 months since I posted my first blog and we all couldn’t be in touch for some reason but i am back and this time with this new year I promise y’all to be more regular with my blogs.

In between these 7 months i was busy finding my self, my roots, my passion and everything that makes me feel alive and yes it was worth the wait. I realized that there’s not just one thing that I am really passionate about, i enjoy the process of learning, learning new things and everything that’s creative.

I met so many new people, I went out of my comfort zone, tried some new things and i created a path for my self on which i can walk upon without a doubt, without needing someone to constantly hold my hand and tell me that i am not alone. I took out time for my self and i tried to meet my inner self on a new level and trust me the journey has been amazing.

In these 7 months when i was not at all regular with my blogs I was constantly doing photography, not on a big level but self portraits, i was busy being in front of the camera and putting out my emotions in front of the screen and I realized that how much I love doing that and not just writing but photography is another way where i can totally express my self.

In this era of social media where we live on photos and videos I found my life in photography and most importantly in black and white photos where we just focus on the emotion, the picture and it’s real feeling rather than focusing on what the background is, what’s the highlight of the picture and all the technicalities. I think black and white pictures allow us to be ourselves without an excessive layer of filters.

Talking about this favorite picture of mine where i tried playing with shadows and with no additional props and just using my hand to give it an artistic effect and i am glad the way it turned out to be. sunlight has been my most favorite source of light and i feel that it makes your pictures look more real than ever. You don’t always need to slap on a layer of makeup to look good because that’s something we do for others so that they can like the way we look. If we are confident from the inside it will reflect on the outside and it will definitely make us and our pictures look good.

Coming up to this picture that made me feel no less than a boss lady. Guys I am not a professional but trust me when i say this… ” THE WORLD IS YOURS” do whatever you want to do and do it the way that suits you and your personality. First you need to have faith in yourself before expecting it from someone else, if you feel good in your own skin then no one can ever take that confidence away from you. Who are we? where are we? we are just normal humans, where are blessed to have a life like this where we have access to almost everything. We are here to live more and worry less so why don’t we just do that? The world will accept you the way you are if you have the guts to put your real self out there.

A picture is a poem without words, a poem that never really focuses on if your hair is good or not, if you are at your best angle or not if everything is perfect or not, what it really focuses on is that if you are having a life or not? A picture is all about locking a moment and cherishing it for the rest of our lives, so stop making everything look perfect when it is not. don’t just capture your clothes, the pretty background and the lavish things, but capture a soul and see how easy it will be to connect with each other and be a part of each other’s life.

it’s always better in black and no color will ever be brighter for me than black and white and finally when we are at the end of this blog i hope that y’all were able to feel and connect with my words. I just wanted to tell you all that just be yourself on camera and off camera because we are here to live our life and be happy with it and not to make anyone happy and especially by showing off what we are not. Accept yourselves the way you are and the world will adjust accordingly, you are PERFECT, don’t try too hard.

This is it for today, see you all on the next blog coming soon. Till then click pictures and share it with me and let me know if this blog helped you in anyway and don’ forget to use the #betterinblack

Stay the way you are and don”t forget to like, comment and share.